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Per Mjelva

Per Mjelva


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Bjørn Westphal

Bjørn Westphal


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Mariann Marholm

Mariann Marholm


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Raymond Moltu

Raymond Moltu


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Ove Ystenes

Ove Ystenes

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Local Cod

Our local cod is caught in the fjord by the town of Ålesund. We call it the “Borgund Cod” or “Møre Cod”. Each winter, this cod migrates from the Barents Sea and swim all the way to the town of Ålesund at the head of the fjord, enriching us with delicious fish meat, liver, roe and tounges. Given the extremely short distance to the fishing grounds, the fish is packed within minimal time after having been caught. It is then loaded onto express lorries headed for the the markets, and delivered to our customers often within 24-48 hours after swimming in the sea.


This particular fishery in the fjord at Alesund has traditions far back in time. Excavations at the Borgund merchant town shows that one can reliably conclude that here has been going on spring cod fishing in the bay all the way back to the Middle Ages. This traditional fishery was of very high significance to the settlement at Ålesund and the surroundings.


From the early start of fresh fish packing at the beginning of 1900, the transport were done by boat to Bergen with possibility for export to England. The opening of the railway in Åndalsnes in 1924 made it possible to reach Oslo with a combination of boat and rail transport. Around 1945 transport by truck directly from Ålesund to Oslo was made possible, however refrigerated trucks (termotrucks) was first possible around 1960. Today transport is much more efficient with modern trucks and shipments every day from our packing stations.


Our Company

Marine Sales – When Quality Counts ! Situated in the fishing capitol of Norway, the art neavou city of Aalesund- directly on the western coastline, we are close to many of the most important fishing grounds of Norway, at the same time we are close to our markets in the south of Norway and European countries. This ensures freshness and high quality products to all of our customers.


Our Supplies

Marine Sales AS operate it’s own production facilities, which ensures first hand product control from boat to customer. In additon we have part ownership in some suppliers, and finally long-term relationship with other suppliers. Our base of suppliers have been established over many years and covers the norwegian coastline from the north to the south. This ensures our customers access to a great variety of spieces and products following the different seasons.

Our History

Marine Sales AS was founded in 2003. However, the seafoopd tradition and experience of the staff goes back to the early 1970’s in different companies. The founder of Marine Sales AS, Per Mjelva, was togehter with his father one of the pioneers in high value packing and export of fresh whitefish to the European and domestic market. All these years we have aimed for our ultimate goal; to serve our customers with the best quality seafood from Norway, at the right time and at the right price.

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Marine Sales AS is a well renomated and professional supplier of fresh seafood directly from the cold and clear waters of Norway.


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