Featured Recipes

“The Best seafood comes from Norway.” This is what the Norwegian Seafood Council wishes that people across the world should think – We at Marine Sales As agree 100%
Steamed cod with potatoes and vegetables

Steamed cod with...

Lunch Seafood
Clipfish with parsnip purée

Clipfish with parsnip...

Cooking Dinner
Halibut with hollandaise

Halibut with hollandaise

Dinner Seafood
Baked pollack with ginger and asparagus

Baked pollack with...

Dinner Seafood

Marine Sales AS – your premium quality seafood supplier!

  • Flexible Solutions

    We act swiftly to market changes and our customers inquiries, our first priority is to supply unprecedented quality seafood to the marketplace.

  • Target Approach

    Our food logistics software enables an integrated approach which ensures maximum efficiency and co-ordination throughout the supply chain.

  • Global Developement

    We have dynamic solutions for distribution worldwide to our customers while maintaining the highest standards of food safety and quality.

Why choose us?

  • Product Quality

    Our search for quality is a never-ending process involving the careful assessment of all steps in production and logistics.

  • Know-How

    Our experience from all sections of the seafood industry benefits both our customers and suppliers.

  • Professionals

    We understand the value of treating employees, customers and suppliers as partners.

  • Assurances

    We seek to continually simplify and improve production processes, sales procedures and our general activities.

  • Trustworthy

    Marine Sales is a well-established and recognised company in the international seafood supply market.

  • Client Support

    Marines Sales experienced staff is available and committed to exceeding our customer’s seafood requests at all times.